On the Road to Success! 

Hi guys. It’s been a little while since my last blog post, but I just downloaded the phone app so hopefully it will make it easier to do this more often 🙂 As you know from my previous posts I’ve been touring internationally with my new show Lou Gazzara: LIVE From Las Vegas! What I haven’t mentioned is the soon expected arrival of baby Gazzara! Little Presely Cort is still in mama’s belly for now as she resides in the hospital on bed rest. It has been a roller coaster since going through PPROM at 17 weeks (water broke early) but thankfully fluid levels have been sufficient for proper development and both Brittany and Presley are happy and healthy. It can be tough emotionally with all of the touring dates this year, and I pray for the little moments that keep me smiling while away. Well, after another run of great shows this week one of those special moments happened. In the Belize airport of all places I had the amazing opportunity to meet country superstar Faith Hill! My first studio recording ever was at 17 years old of Hill’s “Where are you Christmas?” from the Grinch movie. Meeting this beautiful woman as she saw off her daughters for a mission trip to the south of Belize gave me the opportunity to witness a musical superstar just being a proud mom and woman of God as she shared in that moment with her daughters. It was exactly what I needed to see as questions of travel and fatherhood fill my mind. I know that if the good Lord wants to keep using my voice for the happiness of others then He will make it possible for me to continue performing and traveling all while still being the father he has called me to be. 

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