Musical Love Affair

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Life has been wonderful for me. BUSY! But wonderful nonetheless. I only have a few songs left to record for the upcoming album Me and Mrs. Jones: Musical Love Affair, I’m still touring all the way through the end of 2016 with my show Lou Gazzara: LIVE From Las Vegas, and in 23 days (if Presley can hang on a little longer!) I’ll have a beautiful baby boy! Excitement excitement. 

Everyone who has already ventured into the world of parenting has told me that having a new child will definitely be a life changing experience. All for the better I’m certain! No sleep ahead, but it will still be wonderful. 

Even with all of the change to come there is one thing that hasn’t changed: my love for music of all genres. That’s why I decided to give my new album it’s title: “Musical Love Affair. ”

Growing up I was often told I needed to “pick a genre and stick with it”, or that “you can’t just do everything.” Well the overwhelmingly positive response to Lou Gazzara: LIVE From Las Vegas has proven that myth to be untrue. As long as I remember to stay true to the song and the original greatness of style that each respective genre possesses, I feel the audience can relate to and enjoy it all. In the show I pay tribute to artists like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, The Four Seasons, Journey, James Brown… well you get the point. Definitely all different styles and sounds. 

I’m not just singing different styles because it’s impressive, and it’s not split personalities either! (Although some who know me well might argue that last point!) I’ve dedicated my time to studying and perfecting the vocal styling a of these many different artists and genres because I truly do have a love affair with music! Each genre has its own unique styling that tells a story in a different way. 

The musical influences from my family were many, and I feel the personal stories of each respective family member allowed to to connect with the genres they introduced me to in a special way. It also helped to see that even though we separate music into genres it is all still music, and music moves the soul so passionately how can you NOT wind up envied in a “musical love affair?” 

I’m excited to complete this project and share it with people from all over the world as I continue to tour internationally so that they might fall in love with all of the great music that has been a part of my life! 

Lou Gazzara’s “Musical Love Affair” is scheduled for release early fall. Gazzara will also be re-packaging his 2011 recordings from “This is Christmas” scheduled for the same release in time for the Holidays. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list at for future updates and news. 

On the Road to Success! 

Hi guys. It’s been a little while since my last blog post, but I just downloaded the phone app so hopefully it will make it easier to do this more often 🙂 As you know from my previous posts I’ve been touring internationally with my new show Lou Gazzara: LIVE From Las Vegas! What I haven’t mentioned is the soon expected arrival of baby Gazzara! Little Presely Cort is still in mama’s belly for now as she resides in the hospital on bed rest. It has been a roller coaster since going through PPROM at 17 weeks (water broke early) but thankfully fluid levels have been sufficient for proper development and both Brittany and Presley are happy and healthy. It can be tough emotionally with all of the touring dates this year, and I pray for the little moments that keep me smiling while away. Well, after another run of great shows this week one of those special moments happened. In the Belize airport of all places I had the amazing opportunity to meet country superstar Faith Hill! My first studio recording ever was at 17 years old of Hill’s “Where are you Christmas?” from the Grinch movie. Meeting this beautiful woman as she saw off her daughters for a mission trip to the south of Belize gave me the opportunity to witness a musical superstar just being a proud mom and woman of God as she shared in that moment with her daughters. It was exactly what I needed to see as questions of travel and fatherhood fill my mind. I know that if the good Lord wants to keep using my voice for the happiness of others then He will make it possible for me to continue performing and traveling all while still being the father he has called me to be. 

Happy Memorial Day- Lou Gazzara


Hi everyone,

Happy Memorial Day from Skagway, Alaska. I’m here aboard the Jewel of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruises and we are getting ready to put on my one man show Lou Gazzara LIVE From Las Vegas in two nights time. We have many veterans Lou Gazzaraon board and it’s so great to see the ship honoring them and remembering our fallen heroes in many ways throughout the ships decor and activities.

During my show we pay tribute to some of the greatest acts in musical history and try to highlight those contributions they have given to all of us. Two of the artists in particular are Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Not only are they two of the biggest starts of all time, but they were also very outspoken with their patriotism and love for our country. Elvis even expressed his love for our country so much that he voluntarily joined the military for service after already selling over 25 million albums as an international superstar. So as we sail beautiful Alaska and prepare for my show I try to keep these things in mind, not just today but every time I perform.

We’ve had amazing weather this week near 70 degrees all week. Perfect clear skies to view the amazing landscape. We’ve even seen whales and very fittingly our nations bird the bald eagle. I want to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday, and if you enjoy our posts please sign up for the Lou Gazzara Fan Club and you can receive updates automatically! Thanks again for all your support and for following along on my journeys around the globe.

Lou Gazzara

Live From Las Vegas – Lou Gazzara

Lou Gazzara

Lou GazzaraMy Las Vegas Show “Live from Las Vegas” is traveling the world right now. I have been on the high seas with many different cruise lines for the last year, bringing my “Live From Las Vegas Show” to audiences all over the world. It has been an honor and a privilege to perform for and meet so many people from literally all over the world. Just trying to spread the word.

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That’s all for today.  Talk soon, Lou Gazzara